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Founded in January 2009 and endorsed by John Taylor Gatto, the HEF brand incorporates Home Education Forums, the Home Education Community Blog, the Home Education Business Directory and Home Ed Biz Network. We are also proud to host the Scottish Home Education Forum, established in 1999, along with a number of other independent groups and networks.

Our mission is to connect families whose children are educated outside school, encourage the pooling of resources, experience and expertise, nurture home-edupreneurship and facilitate preferential trading between members to benefit the home education community and economy.

Whether you are a parent just thinking about educating without schooling, a new or experienced home educator, an aspiring home-edupreneur  or established home education business owner, a professional who comes into contact with home-based educators, or even if you are just curious about home education and how it works, we hope you will find our site of interest.

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