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Our forums are currently closed for upgrading and urgent maintenance. The main site is still available for the moment but will be undergoing some redevelopment in the near future. Updates will be posted on our Facebook page and Twitter feed and thank you for your patience.

hands up for home edWith new Bills about to be introduced in both Wales and Scotland which will have the effect, if enacted, of legislating parents out of their children's lives, these are very worrying times for all families. Such a profound shift of responsibility for the education and welfare of children from parents to the state is one that evokes sinister reminders of Nazi Germany.

bruce leeA dedicated new action group has been set up to co-ordinate responses to legislative proposals by the Welsh Ass Government, which, if enacted, would effectively usurp parents' responsibility for education by imposing a regulatory regime on a long established and protected parental function in breach of the ECHR.

Starting out in home ed

Home education can seem a daunting prospect when all you have ever known is schooling, so we hope some personal accounts  of educating children outside the school system might help soothe the inevitable newbie nerves!


Read about Karen's experience of  home educating a child with special needs.


Ronnie shares aspects of his family's  first 18 months of home education.


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Starting out in business

Many home educators and home educated young people are already in business or thinking of working for themselves. As naturally resourceful and determined individuals who are never inclined to give up easily, they are ideally suited to the world of business.


Read about home-edupreneur Pauline's experience of Mixing enterprise and education


Read about Ali's home ed biz background in Home education: a springboard to enterprise


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If you have a professional interest in home-based education, why not join our dedicated professionals’ forum and meet our team of experienced home educators?


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A message of support from John Taylor Gatto

Robin Harper john Gatto

Robin Harper MSP and John Taylor Gatto

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“What a magnificent idea the Home Edupreneurs Business Directory and Forums are! In a most  straightforward way, they will add grand value to everyone who uses them – and eventually to the entire community. Three cheers for Home Ed Biz!”

The Home Ed High Street

Shop local on the home ed high street for goods and services from home-edupreneurs and selected small businesses offering discounts.

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A selection of articles which we hope will be of interest to home educators.


Home grown education

Bullying, or why we home educate

Going green


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