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    Sweden tops the totalitarian league table

    Tuesday, 13th March 2012 | Education, Family, International, Law

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    Excerpt: It has been reported that Jonas Himmelstrand, president of Sweden’s Home Education AssociationROHUS, has left the country with his family in the wake of continuing persecution from the Swedish authorities. The Himmelstrands have taken refuge on the Finnish Aland Islands along with other exiled Swedish home educating parents for whom life had become intolerable under the totalitarian state regime.   Himmelstrand’s proactive stance on home education and outspoken criticism of Swedish social policies had brought him a growing international profile but also resulted in a sustained state sponsored campaign of victimisation and ‘legal’ threats against his family.   Commenting on the family’s decision to leave the…

    So much for austerity

    Thursday, 8th March 2012 | General

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    Excerpt: Home educators are reporting an increase in ultra vires activity among English local authorities whose elective home education guidelines have been exposed as inaccurate and misleading. Councils recently outed on our community forums include Barnsley, East Sussex and a Wirral, Knowlsey and Warringtoncombo calling itself the Elective Home Education Service. Other offenders have been flagged up on our private forums, on Facebook and other social media.   In these times of austerity, questions must surely be asked about these councils’ priorities and why they are claiming powers they do not possess. Dressing up in sheep’s clothing to snare and misinform unsuspecting new home educators, and failing to…