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Default Boycott the secret EO petition

While the naive and/or gullible may contend that it doesn't matter who organised this secret petition in cahoots with a Tory MP, it most certainly does to me and many others I know.

Unsurprisingly, we now discover (once it's a fait accompli) that EO are behind it, but it could well have been the BNP for all we knew as there are no contact details on the website (which I won't link to) and no indication of who the “we” are, which makes it all highly suspect.

What is deeply troubling is the suggestion that other HE orgs have signed up to it, despite at least one of them knowing nothing about it (and being deliberately excluded from any discussion of it).

And why would anyone consider supporting a petition without knowing what it says? It all smacks of another desperate stab at rent seeking by EO which seems to be losing members (i.e. money) at a rate of knots.

For these reasons alone, I would argue it should be boycotted, but surely people must realise by now that fighting on the home ed front alone is pretty futile in the context of the much bigger agenda?

Anyone else of like mind?
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