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Default The petition is a trojan horse

Graham Stuart has apparently responded to requests to correct the dangerous wording by saying that people can do what they want but it would be best to stick to the original wording. What reason could there be for this?

Anne Newstead has apparently threatened to sack any EO coordinator that takes up Graham's ludicrous suggestion of being free to vary the wording. Just what would that result in for any coherent presentation to parliament? But THEY could change the wording if they were serious about defending our historic liberty.

Graham Stuart's response seems disingenuous in that it seems more concerned to preserve the original wording than to present an effective petition. The petition to stop the bad man implemntation is probably redundent at this stage and they realise this, especially in view of the tory intention to fillibuster the gueen's speech programme out of time between now and the GE.

It now seems clear to me from Graham and EO's response that the primary intention of this petition is to trick HEers into requesting the next administration for another review of HE after they win the GE, along with continuing the familiar insistence from time immemorial that registration and monitoring was ever legitimate. Since all government now is puppet government anyway, and tory or nulabour take their orders from lisbon regardless, they are no less bound to deliver the 'human resources' bound and helpless to the slave market.

Signing this petition is an act of self enslavement, don't be tricked by this trojan horse.

Oh yes, and don't vote for the permanent government in any of its hard boiled sweet flavours at the next election.

Neil T
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