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"I'm surprised that Graham Stuart and Lord Lucas still appear to be willing to try and help home educators, who are, after all, a vanishingly tiny minority of the electorate and not all that significant in the grand scheme of things. I wouldn't blame them if they threw up their hands and left us to disappear up our own backsides. I'm sure they've both got more important things to do."

I'm sure I'm grateful to both Lord Lucas and Graham Stuart, but, generally, the idea of MPs is that they should, in fact, represent the members of their constituencies, and they often take up the cause of individuals or individual families.

I disagree with you, Ydobemus, in as much as whatever authorities can impose upon home educating families they can use to then proceed to tie up the rest of the parenting population.

We are a minority group but we must not forget that the first step of fascists is often to start on unpopular and supposedly weak minority groups to try their agenda on. Should the rest of the population allow our particular freedoms to be removed for the convenience of local authorities (or other sources) then there will be nothing to stop the landslide. In other words, if we go down, the population of Britain may well join us in the pit of hell.

I am not calling anyone fascist here. I am merely saying that removing freedoms from any group to benefit another group is serving a potentially fascist movement.


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