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London Historians was launched in August 2010 as a club for Londoners who’d like to learn more about their city’s history. We’ll be organising visits, talks, walks, social events and discounts to selected historical attractions and exhibitions.

We’ll also feature tons of useful information on the web site to give you a single launch pad to everything you want to find out about London’s history. We’ll encourage members to contribute information and reviews to the site.

If you’d like to become a Founder Member of London Historians, please go to the Join Us page.
Latest pdf upload is Westminster Bridge and the beauty of pdf's is that they can be printed out

In the 11th century, Westminster became the centre of government, at first of England and then of the whole of the United Kingdom. It seems incredible that no bridge was built here until 1750. Until then Old London Bridge was the only permanent river crossing in the central London area.
The first serious attempt to obtain authority for the construction of a bridge at Westminster was made in 1664 when Charles II presided over a meeting of the Privy Council to discuss the matter. Strong reasons were put forward in favour of a new bridge. The arguments against the bridge were put forward by the City Corporation, the watermen and other vested interests. They claimed that if a new bridge were built at Westminster, many watermen would lose their jobs, thus depriving the navy of a ready supply of sailors in time of war. Finally the opponents of the bridge came up with one argument that clinched the matter, in the form of an unsecured and interest free loan of 100,000 to the King from the City Corporation. The King gratefully accepted the bribe, and refused permission to build the bridge.
As London expanded...........
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