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Default Joseph Stiglitz will give evidence to MSPs

As this article is in The Scotsman, I suppose it must be proper news now

Prof Stiglitz said: “I am delighted to advise, for the first time, a committee of the Scottish Parliament.

“My work with the international Commission on the Measurement of Economic Performance and Social Progress has underlined the concerns over the adequacy of gross domestic product as a measure of well-being, and I hope that my knowledge and expertise in this area will convince the committee to consider this issue in more detail.”
So they're finally presenting the parliament with a fait accompli which will be dressed up in such a way that some of the numpties will believe they're actually having a say in it

Not that they're all numpties - the few with a brain are complicit, liars, compromised in some way, power crazed, corrupt - in various combinations.

Some may be naive and/or deluded - but if they don't grow out of that pretty damn quick...see above categories...

As I belatedly posted on this thread, Subrosa kindly hosted a guest post from myself on all this on 18/10/11.

"A key theme throughout this report is our recognition of
the progress made over the last four years by the Scottish
Government in developing the National Performance
Framework (NPF). As one of our members put it: “The most
important fact about the NPF is that it exists”. The innovative
work and thinking in developing it should not be overlooked,
and those involved in its inception deserve praise.

However, we are very concerned that through the ebb
and flow of politics – and with regular elections – there is
a significant risk of all this experience being lost and the
framework itself being abandoned either now or in the

The quote is from a recent Carnegie Foundation report: More than GDP:Measuring what matters (taking dry to new level!) by the Round Table on Measuring Economic Performance and Social Progress in Scotland of which Sir John is also a member.

The Round Table took the findings of the 2009 Stiglitz Report (positively dessicated!), which emerged from a Commission established by President Sarkozy and recommended that Scotland should shift its emphasis from measuring economic performance to measuring wellbeing; all within the National Performance Framework that Sir John is so proud to have brought into being and is keen to export to the rest of the UK and beyond.

In late 2010, Professor Stiglitz became a member of the Council of Economic Advisers which was set up in 2007 to advise the First Minister on the best way to improve Scotland’s sustainable economic growth rate and last month a stampede of NGOs signed up to a briefing paper urging the Government to revise the National Performance Framework along the lines recommended by the “Carnegie Round Table” which, as previously stated above, puts a kilt on the Stiglitz report.

So quite how this process is at any risk whatsoever from the "ebb and flow of politics" and "regular elections" is a bit of a mystery to me.

Whether Sir John's system of governance is for good or bad, it seems to be happening and going places...

Meanwhile the “over-arching purpose” of this system seems to be changing to bring us in line with a report commissioned by a French president, written by an American economist, rubber stamped by the EU and currently being implemented across the globe. Interesting times, as they say...

So where exactly do our elected members fit into this process? And would the process have been any different with another variety of politician "in power"? Sir John seems to have a pretty cosy relationship with the last lot too.
So much for the MSM and the "democratic" process
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