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Old 23-04-12, 08:40
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Default New media, new law? No thanks.

This blog post by the lovely @_millymoo concerns the backlash following the Ched Evans rape case, which was deplorable by anyone's standards, as well as being criminal in some instances where the victim's right to anonymity was breached.

New media, new law? No thanks.

The blogger's argument has much wider relevance, of course. Home educators' battles against hysterical calls to change the law after an offence takes place (which has nothing to do with home education) spring immediately to mind.

All of the contentions by Balls, Badman and their rentseeking gang of LA numpties, third sector thickos and media morons that a change in the law is needed to protect children like Victoria Climbie, Khyra Ishaq and Danielle Reid (who weren't home educated anyway) are patently ridiculous when offences against children (and managing risk to vulnerable children) could and should be dealt with by a proper understanding and appropriate implementation of the present legislation.

The biggest problem is not the law but the people who are supposed to use it for its intended purpose rather than enforcing their own prejudices.
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Nail on the head as usual, Ali. I have thought for many years that we already have far too many new laws, when in fact existing ones cover the case/s. "Breach of the Peace" is a wonderful example of a solidly-based catch-all law, for example.
I detest Twitter because I think it encourages people to react long before they engage their brains - if they have any, which seems often not to be the case. Facebook can be bad enough.
What is most worrying, perhaps, is the level of sheer nastiness and worse that lurks out there in our society. One sees it in the comments sections of online newspapers too, of course. One hopes that it is really only a very small proportion of the population but I can't help wondering if that is indeed so...
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Ali Admin (23-04-12)

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