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Sheila Struthers 14-12-10 20:45

Big Brother Scotland
Given the recent coverage in the Scotish Review and by Subrosa, thought it might be useful to have all the recent coverage together in the one place.

Big Brother Scotland

In the nightmarish world of mass snooping on children, Scotland leads the way

In Scotland's new world of electronic child surveillance, debased language conceals what is going on

Will you pass the test?

Big Brother Gets Bigger

Tales from a small country - Education, integrated services and universal surveillance

Early intervention and universal surveillance - "the sort of thing Hitler talked about"

The death of privacy in Scotland? permanent link to be added when available...

Sheila Struthers 16-12-10 09:08

Open Secrets Part I of a Scottish Review investigation

Intimate details of our lives are being 'monitored' and shared by public bodies in Scotland without our knowledge

Open Secrets Part II

How secure is 'secure'?

Revealed today: official concerns about security society takes hold

Part three today...

Sheila Struthers 16-12-10 19:37

Open Secrets

Part III of a Scottish Review investigation

Here's how they got you on the database without you even knowing


This is how we sleep-walk into a surveillance society by complacency and default. Isn't it time we woke up?

The fourth and final part of the series will be published in Tuesday's edition. If you would like to contribute your own thoughts and experiences, confidentially or otherwise, please contact islay@scottishreview.net

Sheila Struthers 12-01-11 12:51

Subrosa: Schools May Be Breaking EU Law

Sheila Struthers 12-01-11 19:51

The latest from Kenneth Roy:

The lives destroyed by Scotland's secret files

Scotland is introducing a compulsory ID scheme at the school gate

Sheila Struthers 16-01-11 00:48

Listen to Alan Watt's take broadcast on the 13th.

He starts talking about Girfec and quoting from one of the many excellent Kenneth Roy articles just before halfway through the broadcast.

Subrosa 18-01-11 03:49

Great idea to bring everything together in one place. I wish the likes of Joan McAlpine would post about eCare, but now she's an SNP candidate she won't be at all interested in criticising the government. That's the problem with blogs here.

Elaine Kirk 18-01-11 08:56

There has got to be the biggest of question marks over the sharing of information between NHS and Local Authorities.
I do accept that in cases of abuse this could help to keep a child safe but they have legitimate means of sharing information in those circumstances.
Using the NHS databases to store non-medical information is wrong and their means of obtaining consent are wrong.
How many families have visited baby clinics , A&E, Hospital clinics etc and been asked to sign a form that enables them to let others know about your childs needs ? That is all it needs that is what they consider 'informed consent' and bingo, they have a signed piece of paper on the childs file that gives open access to all and sundry.

Sheila Struthers 22-01-11 00:00

Letters to the editor - Those Cards - Louise MacDonald

s836apg 22-01-11 00:23

Private Eye, 21 Jan 2011: Re "News of the Screws" ex Assistant Editor Ian Edmondson

"Maybe the investigation into Edmondson should extend to his remarkable medical knowledge. As News editor at the Screws, and before that at the People, Edmondson amazed colleagues with his uncanny ability to stand up celebrity health stories ("soap star's cancer shock", etc). If they didn't know him as a sea-green incorruptible they might almost have suspected he had a high-up NHS contact with a hungry bank account and easy access to confidential files...."


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