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Originally Posted by Pedagog View Post
I know of one mother who was forced to put her child into school.
I know of more than one parent who has been forced to put their children in school because of financial reasons resulting from the termination of Income Support. Almost all of the children have ended up in bottom set at school alongside bullies and those with learning disabilities due to SEN or disparities between the NC what they have learned at home despite often having above average general intelligence.

One parent is in a stuck situation now that her previously HE son has been expelled from primary school for refusing to comply and participate in lessons. He was backed to the hilt by his mother who told his teacher and the head to effectively get stuffed.

Originally Posted by FlibbleFamily View Post
oh, and you can't be a child minder in a privately rented house. it's against the law as you'd be running a business from your home and it generally invalidates your letting contract. read the contract, you'll find a clause somewhere about running a business from the property.
It isn't against the law but it will probably violate the terms and agreements of the tenancy contract. Many landlords put a 'no business' clause into the contract for their own convenience. It's something to do with business rates. Tenants are known to ignore this clause if the landlord is absentee and the business is discreet.

Originally Posted by Diane View Post
If they say you should put your child in school tell them that they are discriminating against single parents who home educate and that you will take legal advice and shop them to the national newspapers.
That's been tried before and it isn't very effective. The mainstream press is generally hostile towards poorer HE families or those on benefits and are only sympathetic towards those who pay their own way.
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I got my letter warning me this would be happening soon (a transition from IS to JSA with the necessity to be actively seeking work). As I understand it, you can't refuse a "reasonable" offer of work purely on the grounds of HE. I'd decided that the best option for me was to go self employed. This isn't for everybody, of course, and is much easier now than it will be next year when Universal Credits comes in. But I am hoping that my business will be established by then.

It's a tricky situation to be in, and although I'm probably not much use for giving advice, I hope you manage to find a workable solution...
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I think you can refuse if you can't find 'suitable' childcare. Maybe someone else will comment because I don't have time to look up the reference (if I could find it!)

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Smile lone parent

hi im also home educating my 5 yr old,and im waiting for the dreaded letter,nomatter how many times they send you to the jobcentre or working links they cannot force you into work you dont want,when my time comes i will be taking my son with me there is,nt anything they can do about it,i spoke to someone at the citizens advice bureau,hope this helps hun
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