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Media For links to media coverage of home education related issues. Members of the media may post requests here or contact the HEF press office directly on 0772 962 3532

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Old 24-04-12, 12:35
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Anyone considering having any contact with the BBC regarding Home Education, might like to consider the impact, and its aftermath, of the film Pedigree Dogs Exposed, on the Show Breeders (not puppy farmers) of the UK. The maker of the film contacted show breeders in exactly the same way as the OP has been contacted and assurances given that the film would be factual etc.

This was in fact NOT THE CASE! Footage was cut, and what breeders had said was changed completely! In addition, the sick dogs portrayed had NOT come from show breeders - far from it, they had come from another type of breeder entirely.

The Breeders who contributed to the film did so in good faith and in the hope of educating people as to how breeders were working towards breeding healthier dogs, the health and genetic tests needed before breeding etc. and were unaware of the way the film would be used to villify them (naturally as they would never have taken part)

Unfortunately none of the general public has any knowledge of the extent to which show breeders have been working for decades to determine and eliminate the causes of genetic/inherited disease in the dogs they breed and took the PDE film as GOSPEL. We now have a situation where many puppy buyers go to puppy farmers in preference to disgraceful (responsible) show breeders who health test their animals !

It's also now dreadfully difficult to find any information on the internet which gives the true picture of the situation regarding this film and the subject in general, even when you know what you are looking for!

This is one professional who knows the real situation and has written about it

Sorry for bringing up the subject of dog breeding in this thread, but as an illustration of how very badly contact with the BBC can go wrong this is an excellent example. I would hate for them to do the same thing to Law Abiding Home Educators!
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Old 24-04-12, 19:31
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I have had some media experience. Under these circumstances the only coverage I would consider is a live debate between myself and someone from the Local Authority.

I once did 90 seconds for BBC Newsnight Scotland - and they broadcast precisely 11 seconds and left out all my main points. I have given radio interviews where only part of the clip has been placed on the radio station's website. I have also had letters in the National press which have been both edited and re written so as to slant the point to give a more politically correct position.

In the case of children's issues the politically correct position is still to bias towards the state having some kind of child centered influence. Yes, it depends on the presenter but you would have to have good local knowledge to judge that correctly.

As regards media attitudes to ultra vires operations then that is a very interesting point. Personally, I would be wary that the BBC could take the angle that the vires might be open to interpretation or even ignored because of prevailing sensitivities about child issues.

My hunch, overall, is that corresponding with the Local Authority in clear legal terms - without getting drawn into other arguments or agendas - is the best tactic. The LA will be looking for a little back door to open into your life. You lose control of that if you hand the story to the media - who are certainly not your natural allies.
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Old 24-04-12, 22:09
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Like that Llondel

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Old 26-04-12, 15:51
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The BBC asked me to do an interview some time ago after I left a comment somewhere. I said I'd do it only if they gave me editorial control (I'm a freelance writer) and I never heard from them again.

It's slow news and let's watch the weird monkeys in the zoo time.

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