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Elaine Kirk 22-10-09 12:53

Faith schools/Faith home ed
Ofsted visit faith schools and give them glowing reports


Independent faith schools give pupils a strong sense of personal worth and help them understand the importance of being a good citizen according to a report published today by Ofsted, the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills.

Then we go to the BBC and Schools Minister, Diana Johnson and all of a sudden things a Faith based education is BAD


Some evangelical parents need monitoring by the state because they may ‘intimidate’ their children with ideas about God, sin and hell, a BBC radio host has said.

If that isn't a perfect example of the anti home ed focus of government...

Admin 22-10-09 13:59

They are without a doubt gunning for those who want a faith based education for their children. Only yesterday I spoke to a journalist who was asking about home educating "religious extremists" which had been prompted by soundbites from the the government's anti HE smear campaign.

Taking on the might of the Catholic Church may well be a bridge too far (for now, at least) but madrassas are already being lined up as a convenient target.

And make sure you aren't overweight as well as religious if you don't want the New Labour Stasi targeting your family.

It's all part of the same familyphobe story (England's version is here) and we are wondering how long it will take for the public to wake up and smell the raw propaganda.

ouinon 22-10-09 14:06


Originally Posted by Ali P (Post 27243)
It's all part of the same familyphob[ia]

National public school actually functions as a kind of birth control aswell as a pecking-order-machine ( it makes raising children, forced to work unpaid in school till 16/18 and over, a very expensive process; childbearing numbers drop dramatically where ever school installs itself ). And the latest moves will reinforce/consolidate this effect. Make parenting so onerous, so unattractive, so pointless, so joyless, that fewer and fewer will want to do it.


Earthtracer 22-10-09 15:58

The funny thing is, that on principle I oppose the concept of faith schools, which would bring me onside with the odious Johnson and her gang. However,my personal view is that, because ones Faith is personal, it should not be the foundation for a state school.
Speaking from a Baha'i perspective, we run many children's classes and junior youth groups. However, although these are based on the teachings of Baha'u'llah, they do not seek to indoctrinate (proselytising is in any case forbidden for Baha'is) and are open to youngsters of any faith or none. Indeed I know of a junior youth group which is largely facilitated by non-Baha'i youth! This is rather different from the current situation in state religious schools, I think.

Elaine Kirk 22-10-09 16:17




I don't suppose it would interest the likes of Mr Traves to know that in a recent diversity survey I conducted, of the 3.4% of home educators who said they did NOT include any information about other religions/life philosophies in their child's home education, 50% were atheists and 37% were agnostics!

Admin 22-10-09 16:21

Home education and religion
Great blog post from Tech on this very subject.

Home education and religion

My own position is that the state should get right out of education - like that's going to happen anytime soon. :doh: In the meantime, its only role should be to serve parents who want to delegate their personal responsibility, and if they choose faith based schooling, that should be an option.

I do not follow any religion myself, but have tremendous respect for those who do and am fortunate to count people of many different faiths and none among my friends.

Admin 22-10-09 16:28

Great minds, Elaine, you beat me to it. :D

Sheila Struthers 23-10-09 21:07

Bullshit schools must teach other bullshit accurately

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