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Old 12-03-12, 10:56
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Default Intro

Hi everyone, quick introduction.

I'm Caroline, mum of J 19, S 18, R 14 and H 11.

J went through the school system to GCSE's before joining the Navy. We supplemented his school with extra work at home due to him being classed as gifted and talented.

S currently at College doing A-Levels, she loved school and has gone through school system. Again she has always done extra work at home.

R currently year 10, still deciding if I should de-reg her. She has always been in school. She has Aspergers syndrome and an auditory processing problem.

H is 12 in a couple of weeks, he spent one year in school before I de-reged him just before his 6th birthday. He has various medical issues, including Aspergers, unilateral hearing loss and is currently awaiting surgery.
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Old 12-03-12, 13:20
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Welcome Caroline
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Old 15-03-12, 22:03
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Hi Caroline,

Welcome to the forums.

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