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Old 02-11-10, 22:37
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Default jury service

Hi there, i keep getting asked to go on jury service. i explained first time around that i was a home educator and that child care would be an issue. i did not get a reply, but a month later received another request. This time i was going away, so again this seemed to be accepted. i have just returned and i have another request for jury duty. as home educators are we exempt or is there anything i can do to get out of this??

thanks in advance

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Old 02-11-10, 23:20
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I am not sure I hope somebody who does know comes along as it is worrysome
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Old 03-11-10, 04:49
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You must live in a high crime area to have been called so often!

I think you have seek an exemption every time, but it shouldn't be too much of a problem as you have caring responsibilities. I have only once been called several years ago, and full time educating was accepted then without issue.

From the scotcourts site Can I be excused from jury Service?

If you wish to apply for excusal or exemption from jury service on the grounds of either age, occupation, a medical condition, or any other special reason, you should do so in writing using the appropriate section on the jurorís citation form sent out from the court. The citation form with the application for excusal or exemption should be returned to the court which issued the citation. If you are applying for excusal for a special reason, please state clearly why you wish to be excused. The application on special reason grounds will be considered on its merits, and if you are excused you may be still asked to attend for jury service at some future date
This document has useful info for those in England
Guidance for summoning officers when considering deferral and excusal applications
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Just keep asking for an exemption. You're unfortunate in being called up so often.

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I was asked nearly 10 years ago and got an exemption on the grounds of childcare and transport issues. Haven't been asked since.
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Old 03-11-10, 19:01
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The lack of further requests is just luck. I managed almost thirty years but they finally got me this year. Of course, it turned up and without even opening the envelope I guessed the date they wanted as being when we were on holiday. I was right. It's been deferred until February. In some ways I'm looking forward to it but then it's within walking distance of work and I don't have childcare issues.
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Old 04-11-10, 10:03
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I was called up recently too.

I am a full time carer and wrote explaining this and was sent a reply within the week saying I was exempt for life. It's a shame really because I would really have liked to have a go but it's just not practical for me.

You need to ensure that you return all the paper filled in and send a covering letter asking for an exemption. They may not feel your reason good enough, and they will check up on claims of being a carer etc.
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