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Old 14-11-10, 21:24
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I think there is probably a good research project for someone to look at the attitudes and assumptions of new researchers in home education field and see how they change over time. It's also interesting how those assumptions are reflected in the type of questions asked, and the wording of said questions.

As for Hesfes, never been, but as it's going to be on our doorstep next year, we'll probably go see what it's like.
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My PhD research uses post-structuralist theory to consider the effects from the social and in the personal of discovering alternative educational modes, such as home education.
Does anyone have a translation of this? I have mislaid my Gobbledegook-English dictionary.

And, is the PhD in theatrical studies or what?
It will give an insight into the alternative education scene in the UK at the moment, especially the home education scene.
I really despair. This woman is attending the School of Education at Birmingham. Yet (quite apart from gobbledegook) seems not to know that Gypsy should be capitalised and cannot punctuate (‘School Exit’?,). Can anyone on this list actually decipher what these highlighted phrases mean:
These may include a discussion of gypsy ontology and elective home education, the media’s portrayal of home education and the rise in home education, why the later work of Michel Foucault is relevant, the technology of the democratic with the personal, what ‘discovery’ is in the context of alternative education, what the Self can be in this context, what is ‘School Exit’?[What indeed? DRG], why is there a discrepancy between policy and practice when it comes to informing [informing whom? DRG] about home education?, and possibly other ideas such as the difficulty of combining a philosophically orientated study with empirical field research.

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Old 15-11-10, 12:23
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Argh. Well post structuralist theory is a flash way of saying that they are following a fluid approach and ignoring statistical means. (as an anthropologist I would talk about participant observation in the same context, a far more appropriate way to 'study' education in my mind lol)

As for the rest of it - it reads like someone who hasn't got to the stage of being ready for a phd. Or they started out with a nice narrow field and were told to broaden it but don't know how....
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