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The Home Education Business Directory is perhaps best described as 'a preferential trading community for home educators, home educated young people and supporters of home education'. Since that explanation is something of a mouthful, we coined a new term, 'home-edupreneur' to describe the home educating entrepreneurs whose diverse range of businesses are highlighted in the directory and will be regularly featured on the website.


The philosophy which underpins the directory is analogous to that of the well established 'fair trade', 'shop local' and 'ethical investment' networks, all of which encourage consumers to exercise positive discrimination in their spending. We believe that home educators want to support fellow home educators where possible; grannies, cousins and friends of home educators often want to demonstrate their support in a practical way; and those who have home educated in the past, or are sympathetic to the principle of freedom in education, might want to proactively source products or services from home-edupreneurs.


Designed as a Home Ed High Street, the Home education Business Directory is divided into broad business sectors, so browsing couldn't be easier for visitors. Simply click on a shop icon for a list of businesses in that sector and prepare to be amazed at the diversity!


For businesses, the directory offers three levels of listing as follows:


GOLD level listing is available free of charge to UK based businesses which are owned and run by home educating parents or home educated young people. This level of listing is also available (at our discretion) to UK based businesses whose owners can demonstrate a direct connection to the home education community.


SILVER level listing is available (free of charge in the first instance) to UK based businesses which offer discounts or special offers to home educating families.



BRONZE level listing is available (at our discretion and free of charge in the first instance) to UK based businesses whose products and services may be of interest to the home education community.



If you want to add your business to our directory, please complete this form. You should indicate the nature of your connection to the UK home education community and/or state why you feel your business would be of particular interest to our community.


Home Education Forums reserves the right to refuse to list any business in its directory.


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