Review of home education guidance in Scotland

Having met with the Scottish Government several times over the past year to raise concerns about some local authorities’ misrepresentation and misapplication of both education legislation and overarching human rights and data protection laws, the Scottish Home Education Forum is pleased that the statutory guidance is to be updated after 12 years.

The government has made it clear that no changes are planned to primary legislation, which accords equal legal status to home education and council schooling. It is of course incumbent upon government to ensure that the statutory guidance complies with the ECHR and GDPR, which are given effect across the UK by Human Rights Act 1999 and Data Protection Act 2018. That same non-negotiable compliance principle applies equally to all public bodies, including councils.  […]

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Scottish Home Education Forum’s response to UNCRC incorporation consultation

The Scottish Government’s consultation on incorporating the UNCRC into Scots domestic law closed on 28 August 2019.

The consultation paper can be read here.

The Scottish Home Education Forum response can be read here.

Two of our forum representatives accepted an invitation to meet with members of the government team to discuss the consultation paper and share our views on proposed incorporation. We had presumed it was just another token gesture to tick the ‘seldom heard’ stakeholders box, especially given the patronising tenor of social media comments from the right-on brigade (all paid handsomely to promote the government’s GIRFEC policy that is anything but respectful of children’s rights). We were therefore pleasantly surprised by the productive discussion that took place.  […]

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Survey report: Home educators’ experiences of the health visiting service in Scotland

The Scottish Home Education Forum invited home educating families to share their experiences of the health visiting service in Scotland after observing a steady increase in members’ reporting of concerns about engagements with health visitors, both via direct enquiries and in our members’ forum. These concerns, which were also being raised in local groups, predominantly focused on the quality and accuracy of information and advice offered in relation to childcare, nursery and school options for children, and the lack of openness regarding the voluntary nature of the heath visiting service.

Read the full report:

Home educators’ experiences of the health visiting service in Scotland [pdf download]
Home educators’ experience of the health visiting service in Scotland [MS Word]  […]

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Legal opinion: Isle of Man home education proposals breach human rights

After a successful crowdfunding campaign, a legal opinion has been obtained on proposed legislation in the Isle of Man that would substantially interfere with the human rights of home educating families.

It can be accessed here

Douglas-based counsel at Quinn Legal has concluded that:
“…as drafted, the Key Proposals set out above do not comply with Article […]

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Scottish government heaps blame on to ICO for GIRFEC data sharing shambles

The Scottish government has failed to address key concerns about the implementation of its getting it right for every child (GIRFEC) policy and allied named person scheme, joint petitioners have stated in a written submission to MSPs in support of their call for a public inquiry into the human rights impact of the data-driven regime.

Lesley Scott of Tymes […]

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Scottish home education forum demands action on council contempt

Representatives from the Scottish Home Education Forum met with three civil servants from the Scottish Government’s Learning Directorate and Children & Families (GIRFEC) Directorate on 8 August. The forum administrator had contacted the Learning Directorate in May to raise a number of concerns on behalf of home educating families, and her initial communication and follow-up […]

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Scots parents petition parliament for public inquiry into ‘illegal’ data sharing

Joint petitioners to the Scottish Parliament are calling for a public inquiry into the human rights impact of the government’s getting it right for every child (GIRFEC) policy and allied named person scheme, which they say has unleashed an illegal data-sharing regime that has infringed family privacy and led to a breakdown in trust in […]

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Back to the (fascist) future

Neil Taylor responds to the DfE’s latest assault on freedom in education
So it’s England’s turn to have to fend off a bid for totalitarianism in education as the DfE issues a call for evidence and revised guidance on home education.

It is every bit as bad as feared, but with an added twist of incomprehensibility such as […]

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Soley bill sends lords a-leaping to wrong conclusions

The Soley bill (Home Education (Duty of Local Authorities) Bill (HL Bill 11)) has now had its second reading in the House of Lords.

Those who managed to stomach the ‘debate’ witnessed too many lords a-leaping to ill-founded conclusions, encouraged by the usual suspects preaching prejudice against home educators without producing a shred of evidence to support their poisonous opinions.

Grave-robbing has never […]

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Fringe event for families snubbed by Holyrood

Tymes Trust and the Scottish Home Education Forum are facilitating a fringe event in Edinburgh on Wednesday (15 November) to hear families’ own testimony on the Children and Young People (Information Sharing) (Scotland) Bill, which is currently before the Education & Skills Committee of the Scottish Parliament.

An advance call for ‘evidence on a postcard’ has attracted a […]

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