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Hands Up For Home Ed in Wales

Welsh home educators are today gathering for a #HandsUpForHomeEd picnic on the steps of the Senedd (Welsh Assembly Building) to show the solidarity of the home educating community against the draconian Draft Guidelines For Elective Home Education in Wales, which are currently open for consultation.

Picnickers will be  wearing T-shirts decorated with the ‘I’m Home Educated, Not Invisible’ slogan and bringing […]

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Undue pressure to register children under “school age”

We have been receiving reports of parents being pressurised into “registering” children for school when they have not reached statutory “school age”.  Some have been informed that this is a legal requirement when that is categorically not the case.

We have also been concerned to hear from parents who have been misinformed about the necessity to obtain council consent to withdraw their children from state provided nursery education when the children have not attained statutory school age, are not attending a primary school and are therefore exempt from any such requirement (which applies only to school age children who are attending a state school) .

For clarification and reference, we have cited the relevant legislation relating to “school age” and would ask parents who have been misinformed  by schools  or local authorities to contact us with the details so that we can gauge the prevalence of the pressure to register under 5s, where appropriate, bring the matter to the attention of the Scottish Government.  […]

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Wellbeing power cannot be construed as duty to share information


Lawyer Allan Norman dismisses the Local Government Act’s use as a gateway for routine sharing information on all children and young people. 

He writes:
There is equivalent legislation in England, in section 2, Local Government Act 2000. And LAs in England have used […]

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Dealing with Highly Intrusive Parasitic Public Servants

As an antidote to the continuing harassment of home educators and persistent ultra vires activity on the part of local authorities throughout the UK, Home Ed Forums is hosting an online conference – Dealing with Highly Intrusive Parasitic Public Servants – Practical strategies to tackle intrusive threatening and bullying behaviour disguised as ‘support’ – on our public […]

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Next time it could be you

Serious concerns have recently been raised on both our public and family forums about the bullying tactics employed by some local authorities, whose officers have taken it upon themselves to pass judgement on what is best for ‘our children’ on the basis that their own parenting choices (e.g. dump kids in day care and nursery […]

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Sweden tops the totalitarian league table

It has been reported that Jonas Himmelstrand, president of Sweden’s Home Education AssociationROHUS, has left the country with his family in the wake of continuing persecution from the Swedish authorities. The Himmelstrands have taken refuge on the Finnish Aland Islands along with other exiled Swedish home educating parents for whom life had become intolerable under the totalitarian […]

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So much for austerity

Home educators are reporting an increase in ultra vires activity among English local authorities whose elective home education guidelines have been exposed as inaccurate and misleading. Councils recently outed on our community forums include Barnsley, East Sussex and a Wirral, Knowlsey and Warringtoncombo calling itself the Elective Home Education Service. Other offenders have been flagged up on our private forums, […]

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Law and Liberty

Second talk by Neil Taylor at the European Home education Conference 2011 on Law and Liberty


I am not a lawyer and have no legal training or qualifications, but like many home educators I have had to try to understand the law as it relates to our unwanted choice to home educate. Indeed it is […]

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European Home Education Conference 2011: Neil Taylor

Video footage and transcripts of Neil Taylor’s talks at the European Home Education Conference 2011.

First talk by Neil Taylor at the European Home Education Conference 2011

“The people never give up their liberty but under some delusion.”


It is the nature and intent of that delusion which I want to explore in this talk in […]

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Home ed bashing in TES Magazine

An opinion piece by a head teacher which was recently published in the ‘What keeps me awake at night’ column of the TES magazine evidently drew  a strong reaction from readers. So much so, the editor has made a plea for ‘other teachers and professionals’  to share their views and experiences, in confidence, for a […]

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