The Learning Freely Network (LFN) is a website designed as a worldwide collective of people, groups and organizations from locations throughout the world supportive of “learning freely” environments, which include ideologies known as “Natural Learning”, Un-schooling”, as well as other home based education environments, which incorporate autonomous learning, sometimes referred to as “child led learning”.

LFN has evolved since it’s beginning in 2003 when it was known as (AMN) Altlearn Map Network, because of it’s use of clickable maps to allow users to navigate to specific locations and gather news, support groups and legal information regarding free learning in a specific location. This method remains on the Learning Freely Network as one of the options for navigation.

There is an immense amount of relevant information on this site, which can be easily navigated.

In the earliest stages the webmaster was trying to obtain all the information for the site, but it is not feasible for one person to get accurate information from so many locations. Help was needed.

So, in order to facilitate the process of gathering the information to be placed on the location pages within the LFN website, a volunteer role was created, now called “Correspondent”, as a way to assure that information to be placed on the website came from someone from that location, involved with a learning freely environment.

Unfortunately there has been a gap between the intent of the volunteer role of “Correspondent” and what actually occurs. Volunteers most often seem excited and enthusiastic about taking part in this endeavor, but for a variety of reasons do not act toward the goals the role is supposed to achieve. The result of this lack of active correspondents, or a lack of a correspondent for many locations, is that there are too many locations without any information. In other words the site is not nearly functioning at the potential it is structured to function at.

The structure is in place and all that is now required is for more “active correspondents” to participate, which would in effect make this a truly worldwide community of free thinking, learning and sharing people from around the world, as has always been the intent of the Learning Freely Network.

More on the volunteer role of LFN “Correspondent”