Home grown education

Mary Rose climbs a rung on the rural one-upmanship ladder as she shares aspects of her family’s free range and organic home-based education in rural Gloucestershire.

“Home-grown and organic”

The phrase strikes a familiar and welcome chord when browsing Farmers Markets or supermarket shelves, but when it comes to people, or more specifically children, can and should […]

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Slumming it for success

By Neil T

Slumming It , which was broadcast on Channel 4 this week, made for interesting viewing as it documented the experiences of Kevin McCloud who spent time living in Dharavi, a Mumbai slum where the film Slumdog Millionaire was made. Praised by Prince Charles for its strong happy community, this square mile – crammed […]

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Going green

It’s not always easy being a greenie! An environmental inspired article by Mary Rose, one of our regular home education columnists.

Thirty years ago, when Kermit the frog sang his lament, “green” was an adjective applied first to vegetation, secondly to amphibians, and way down the list,  to that weird band of humans whose environmental mission […]

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The Clay Pipe

An article by Gloucestershire home educator Mary Rose, illustrating how one family brings learning to life with the discovery of an old clay pipe in the back garden.

“I expect you’d find an outside tap useful, love, wouldn’t you?

With my thumb over the end of the hosepipe in an attempt to maximise the frankly, pathetic squirt […]

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