So much for austerity

Home educators are reporting an increase in ultra vires activity among English local authorities whose elective home education guidelines have been exposed as inaccurate and misleading. Councils recently outed on our community forums include Barnsley, East Sussex and a Wirral, Knowlsey and Warringtoncombo calling itself the Elective Home Education Service. Other offenders have been flagged up on our private forums, […]

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Sandra Dodd to visit Scotland

EBHE (Edinburgh and Beyond Home Education) are excited to announce that Sandra Dodd, a popular prolific and high profile unschooler from New Mexico, will be giving two public talks in central Edinburgh on Saturday the 21st of May.

This is the first time she will have spoken in Scotland.  Early bird tickets are on sale now, to find out more please […]

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Cartoon character or graffiti artist?

If you were one of those who changed their Facebook avatar to a favourite cartoon character during the past few days, you were far from alone. Indeed, only serious social media refuseniks could have missed hearing about the latest profile swapping fad via the uber powerful media messenger that is Facebook.

This latest one was said to be part of a viral campaign […]

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Speculation before the facts

As news broke of a ‘gas explosion’ in Edinburgh on Wednesday afternoon, no one could have anticipated the truly tragic story which was about to unfold. All of us in Scotland have been deeply shocked by subsequent revelations that three young children were stabbed to death in their own home, reportedly by their own mother, […]

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Putting professional child abusers on the map

As Balls, Badman, Birmingham Council and the BBC shamefully continue to breach the bounds of decency in the wake of Khyra Ishaq’s tragic death by cynically seeeking to shift the blame from serial failures on the part of social services  on to home education (because the child had stopped going to school when she was already giving profound cause for concern), […]

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The parable of the laughing man

By Amy

There once lived a man, a joyful man, in an age of fear and sadness. A man, and nothing more – born of flesh, to return to dust, like all before him, and all who would follow. A man, and nothing less – with heart, and mind; with pulsing blood, and firing nerves: a […]

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Education Otherwise: the final betrayal?

Reaction has been both swift and hostile to a newly published document which purports to come from Education Otherwise and which contains a series of “recommendations” on the future of home education in England. Although it bears the national charity’s name, it was allegedly produced by a handful of individuals without reference to the group’s […]

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The Blame Shifters

The NSPCC has already been rebuked by the Victoria Climbie Foundation for seeking to mislead the public into believing that Victoria was home educated when she was not. Now the vultures are circling again, citing the dreadful but isolated case of Eunice Spry (a council approved foster carer and adoptive parent) to justify a call […]

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