Home education under threat as Ireland joins the UNCRC ‘pick and mix’ party

Irish home educators are once again under threat as proposals have been covertly concocted, with no stakeholder consultation, to allow state agents to access private family homes and force children to submit to interrogation by strangers without their consent. In tried and tested dissembling fashion, the Irish state is selectively citing UNCRC Articles in an attempt to validate the violation.

Of coincidental interest is […]

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France threatens to ban home education

Home educators and supporters in France have sounded an international alert regarding a proposed Bill which seeks to restrict home-based provision of compulsory education to cases of incapacity and disability, effectively outlawing elective home education.


The Bill was registered in the Presidency of the Senate on 18th December 2013 and presented by MM. Hugues PORTELLI, Christian […]

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Sweden tops the totalitarian league table

It has been reported that Jonas Himmelstrand, president of Sweden’s Home Education AssociationROHUS, has left the country with his family in the wake of continuing persecution from the Swedish authorities. The Himmelstrands have taken refuge on the Finnish Aland Islands along with other exiled Swedish home educating parents for whom life had become intolerable under the totalitarian […]

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Law and Liberty

Second talk by Neil Taylor at the European Home education Conference 2011 on Law and Liberty


I am not a lawyer and have no legal training or qualifications, but like many home educators I have had to try to understand the law as it relates to our unwanted choice to home educate. Indeed it is […]

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Sandra Dodd to visit Scotland

EBHE (Edinburgh and Beyond Home Education) are excited to announce that Sandra Dodd, a popular prolific and high profile unschooler from New Mexico, will be giving two public talks in central Edinburgh on Saturday the 21st of May.

This is the first time she will have spoken in Scotland.  Early bird tickets are on sale now, to find out more please […]

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