Reasons for school-age children being in home education

Scottish Home Education Forum Survey (February 2018)
Reasons for school-age children being in home education

Survey results 


There are no reliable statistics on the number of school-age children who are in home education in Scotland, since schooling is an opt-in service and it is parents, not the state, who are responsible in law for providing suitable education […]

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Soley bill sends lords a-leaping to wrong conclusions

The Soley bill (Home Education (Duty of Local Authorities) Bill (HL Bill 11)) has now had its second reading in the House of Lords.

Those who managed to stomach the ‘debate’ witnessed too many lords a-leaping to ill-founded conclusions, encouraged by the usual suspects preaching prejudice against home educators without producing a shred of evidence to support their poisonous opinions.

Grave-robbing has never […]

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Fringe event for families snubbed by Holyrood

Tymes Trust and the Scottish Home Education Forum are facilitating a fringe event in Edinburgh on Wednesday (15 November) to hear families’ own testimony on the Children and Young People (Information Sharing) (Scotland) Bill, which is currently before the Education & Skills Committee of the Scottish Parliament.

An advance call for ‘evidence on a postcard’ has attracted a […]

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Postcards from the Fringe: Call for Evidence before Action

Tymes Trust and the Scottish Home Education Forum are co-hostng an event to seek views on the Children and Young People (Information Sharing) (Scotland) Bill which is currently before the Education & Skills Committee of the Scottish Parliament.

We are issuing a Call for Evidence in advance of our own Fringe Evidence Session, which will take place on […]

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Scottish Home Ed Forum highlights fundamental flaws in information sharing bill

New named person bill still fails to ‘get it right’
The Scottish Home Education Forum has warned that the government’s latest attempt to revive its controversial named person scheme will fall foul of the same overarching human rights and data protection laws that led the Supreme Court to overturn key sections of the Children and Young […]

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Allan Norman of Celtic Knot: submission to GIRFEC named person consultation (2013)

Home educators were among the first to identify the threats to parents’ and children’s human rights posed by the Scottish Government’s GIRFEC / Named Person scheme (a clone of the failed English ECM / ContactPoint which had been initiated by the New Labour Westminster government).

In 2013, the Scottish home education charity Schoolhouse commissioned lawyer and social […]

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Minorities Report from Melrose

The NO2NP roadshow visited Melrose on Monday 11 April, where we were especially delighted to see a contingent of local home educating parents concerned about the impact of the named person data mining scheme on their families. The evening’s speakers included Nigel Kenny, Gordon McDonald , Prof John Raven and Alison Preuss, whose (long version) presentation […]

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The GIRF-X Factor: Rage Against the Named Person

A full programme of NO2NP roadshows is scheduled for April, starting with St Andrews on 4th and Haddington on 5th. Alison from our Scottish Home Ed Forum will be speaking at them all and shares on the HEF Community Blog the first of her presentations, with links, drawing on her experience as an erstwhile member of the John Otway tribute […]

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GIRFEC Cluedo upsets happy families  

Last December it was widely reported that the Scottish Government was bankrolling the Hopscotch children’s theatre company to tour schools promoting its own selective version of the UNCRC which had been re-interpreted to downplay parental responsibility and had completely airbrushed out children’s Article 16 right to privacy.

We can now reveal that the Scottish Government has also hijacked […]

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Full house for NO2NP Aberdeen roadshow

Prof David Anderson shares the results of his almost wholly redacted subject access request with the NO2NP audience in Aberdeen

The NO2NP roadshow revisited Aberdeen on Monday 29 February and packed out the venue at Skene House with audience members ranging from one month of age to retirees. Chaired by roadshow co-ordinator Nigel Kenny, the evening’s […]

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