Starting out in Home Education

Starting out in home education has been likened by some newbies to jumping out of an aeroplane and hoping the parachute will open! Yes, it can be a scary step to take, especially (to continue the analogy) if the plane you are in is about to crash and you are left with no other viable option; however, once that parachute opens (which it will!) you will experience both relief and a new found sense of freedom.

Read some Starting Out stories which have been contributed by home educators and get ready to take that plunge!

Light at the end of the school tunnel

Learning to read – because he wanted to


Starting out in Business

Starting out in business brings its own challenges and rewards, whether or not you use the school system. However, there is little doubt that home educators and home educated young people are especially well suited to meeting the challenges and reaping the rewards of business, as they are by definition imaginative, creative, resourceful, flexible and just about every other adjective that describes a typically successful entrepreneur!

Home-edupreneurs run businesses large and small, throughout the UK and across a diverse range of sectors, and you will find many featured in our Home Education Business Directory.

Read some Starting Out stories which have been contributed by home-edupreneurs and be inspired to join them!

Mixing enterprise and education

Home education: a springboard to enterprise