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Learning to read – because he wanted to

Ronnie shares his family’s experience of their first 18 months of home-based education.

We have been home educating our two children (8 years 9 months and 5 years 9 months) for the past 18 months. The elder had been at school for P1 and P2 at a “good” school.

We have three “compulsory” subjects:  numeracy, literacy, civility.

The […]

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Mixing enterprise and education

Home edupreneur Pauline Adams shares her experience of combining home education with running a small business.

When a family decides to home-educate it almost always means the sacrifice of one partner’s salary. However, it doesn’t have to work out that way. My husband and I have been home educating for four years and, at the same time, […]

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Light at the end of the school tunnel


Karen turned to home education as a last resort when her daughter, who has profound special needs, was severely bullied at school to the point of her self-harming and threatening suicide. They quickly turned a negative reason into a positive step for the whole family.

By the time my daughter was nine, she was regularly refusing […]

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Home education: a springboard to enterprise

Ali has set up and run several small businesses, all of which have had to fit around family commitments, including home education. Her latest ecommerce venture involves the whole family in its running.

I have always been more interested in working for myself than for anyone else, although I have done both out of necessity!

I realised […]

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