Home Education Support Organisations & Networks

Home Education Forums does not seek to duplicate the efforts of those dedicated charitable and voluntary organisations and networks which already provide a range of excellent information and support services to home educating families in Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Rather, we aim to ensure that our website visitors are directed to the most appropriate and reliable sources of information and support. We have therefore listed below the main reputable UK home education support organisations and websites, and have also added links to some of the European and international home education / homeschooling networks. Please refer to our local home education groups page for links to a selection of UK local and special interest home education groups.


AEHEP (Association of Elective Home Educating Parents)  Please note that this Association should not be confused with an entity calling itself the ‘Association of EHE Professionals’ and passing off the identical acronym previously established and used by AEHEP

Action for Home Education (AHEd) & AHEd Facebook group – covers England, Wales and N Ireland

Home Service – UK wide (Christian) organisation

Scottish Home Education Forum (on Facebook and here on HEF)

Home Education Scotland (free to join)

HE Special – a support mailing list for families who home educate children with special needs



Home Education Europe (Facebook group)

ALE (Spain) (Facebook page)

HEN (Eire)

Les Enfants d’Abord (France)

Homeschool Association of Switzerland



Learning Freely Network (LFN) – a worldwide network of  free learning families and groups, sharing their unique experiences and understanding of the Learning Freely process

Home Education Foundation (New Zealand)