Local Groups, Activities & Events

Our private family forums include a home education activities and events section in which HEF members may post details of, and ask about, local activities and groups as well as one-off activities and events. Some local networks and special interest groups are hosted on our restricted private or independent forums and may require passwords and/or moderator approval for access.

We are in the process of compiling a list of links to home education groups across the UK, so please contact us with details of any we should include here. Some of those we have listed link to dedicated websites, while others link to yahoogroups or mailing lists to which access may be restricted.


Map of local home education groups and networks



Action for Home Education (Facebook group for home educators in England, Wales & NI)

Barnsley Home Educators

Bath Home Education

Berkshire Heroes

Birmingham and West Midlands Home Educators

Bolton Network of Home Educators  (BONEHEDS)

Brighton & Hove Home Educators

Bristol Home Education

Bristol & South West Home Education

Cambridge Home Educating Community

Cambridge Home Educating Families

Cornwall Home Educators

County Durham Home Education Group

Croydon Home Ed (yahoogroup)

Cumbria Home Educators

Devon Home Educators – list of groups and support lists, H/T Classroom Free

Durham Home Education Group

East Anglian Home Education Network

East Devon Home Educators

East Hampshire Home Education Group

East Midlands Home Education

FLAGS Home Education Group (Exeter, Devon)

Glastonbury Home Education Group

Gloucestershire Home Education

Greater Manchester Home Education Network

Hampshire: Fareham & Gosport Education at Home

HENNEY (Home Education Network North East Yorkshire)

Hertfordshire Home Educators (HertsHE)

Home Educators of East Dorset (HEED)

Isle of Wight Learning Zone

IW Home Ed (Isle of Wight Home Educators) Facebook group

Kingston Happy Learners Home Education Co-op (Facebook page)

Lancashire Home Educators (LEAD)

Leicestershire Home Educators (HE-AL)

Lincolnshire Home Education Group

Liverpool Home Ed

Nnott-sheep Home Education Group (North Nottinghamshire)

Non-school Nottingham


North Dorset Home Educators

North London Home Educators

North Wiltshire Home Educators

North-East Yorkshire Home Educators (HENNEY)

North Somerset Home Educators

North Wiltshire Home Educators

North Yorkshire Home Educators

Otherwise Engaged (Shropshire & West Midlands Home Education)

Oxfordshire Home Educators

Rotherham Home Education (with links to Barnsley and Sheffield home ed groups)

Rotherham Home Education (Facebook group)

SEFLAGS – Home Educators in Kent, Sussex and Surrey

South Buckinghamshire Home Educators

South London HE (google group – membership must be approved)

South West London/Surrey Borders Home Education

South West Home Education (Somerset, Devon, Dorset)

South West Surrey Home Education

South Yorkshire Home Educators (SYHEC) yahoogroup

South Yorkshire Christian Home Educators

Staffordshire Home Education Links:

Home Education Staffordshire – an informal network of home educators in Staffordshire, providing information, support and signposting to local groups and events.

HE Staffs – a local resource covering home education in Staffordshire.

Suffolk Home Education Activities

Taunton Home Education Group – includes useful links to HE groups and mailing lists in the South West

The Otherwise Club (London)

West London Home Educators – including Middlesex

West Midlands and Birmingham Home Educators

West Norfolk Home Educators

West Yorkshire Home Education Communication (WYHEC)

Wiltshire Home Education Groups

Worcestershire Home Education Network



Home Education Support Scotland (Facebook group for the Scottish Home Education Forum with links to numerous local groups)

Edinburgh & Beyond Home Education Online Network

Glasgow Home Education Network

North of Scotland Home Education (NOSHEd)

Tayside & North East Fife Home Educators

There are various home education groups in Scotland which either do not have a public web presence or prefer to share information and contact details via our private Scottish Home Education Forum and/or Facebook group.



Action for Home Education (Facebook group for home educators in England, Wales & NI)

New Foundations Home Education

South Wales Home Education Network

Little 1s Wales





Action for Home Education (Facebook group for home educators in England, Wales & NI)




Aspergers forum

Catholic home educators

Exams & Qualfications

Home Educated Young People

Muslim Home Educators

Special Needs