Back to the (fascist) future

Neil Taylor responds to the DfE’s latest assault on freedom in education
So it’s England’s turn to have to fend off a bid for totalitarianism in education as the DfE issues a call for evidence and revised guidance on home education.

It is every bit as bad as feared, but with an added twist of incomprehensibility such as […]

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The GIRF-X Factor: Rage Against the Named Person

A full programme of NO2NP roadshows is scheduled for April, starting with St Andrews on 4th and Haddington on 5th. Alison from our Scottish Home Ed Forum will be speaking at them all and shares on the HEF Community Blog the first of her presentations, with links, drawing on her experience as an erstwhile member of the John Otway tribute […]

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Full house for NO2NP Aberdeen roadshow

Prof David Anderson shares the results of his almost wholly redacted subject access request with the NO2NP audience in Aberdeen

The NO2NP roadshow revisited Aberdeen on Monday 29 February and packed out the venue at Skene House with audience members ranging from one month of age to retirees. Chaired by roadshow co-ordinator Nigel Kenny, the evening’s […]

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Wellbeing power cannot be construed as duty to share information


Lawyer Allan Norman dismisses the Local Government Act’s use as a gateway for routine sharing information on all children and young people. 

He writes:
There is equivalent legislation in England, in section 2, Local Government Act 2000. And LAs in England have used […]

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